Global wine market to 2017

PROSPECTS Sparkling wine continues to see double-digit growth The high popularity of lower alcohol and sparkling drinks continued to lead to the strong double-digit increase of sparkling wine in total volume and value terms over the review period. Non-grape wine remains in a long slump, driven by lower consumption of takju The traditional Korean alcoholic drink takju became mature over the review period, and it declined in in both total volume and current value terms; both off-trade and on-trade. Takju accounts for the majority of sales of wine in South Korea; therefore, its performance strongly affects the growth of the whole category. Forecast period trends Sparkling wine is expected to experience more sluggish growth over the forecast period in both total volume terms and value terms at constant prices.

Global wine market to 2017

The wine market is huge, largely dominated by the European and North American countries. The wine consumption is declining in the traditional markets. It is growing rapidly x4 since in the Asian markets.

Another important growth driver of the market is the increasing wine production in developing countries and new markets.

Heavy taxation and legal regulations by governments and availability of other substitutes for wine would create a hindrance for the growth of the market. The growing popularity of craft beer and spirits are also a major restraining factor. Because they are decreasing in quantity and finite, they are now chased by a global clientele.

While Bordeaux and Burgundy Vintage Wines are the focus of most fine wine investors, many emerging markets are starting to come online. Innovation in wine products with flavored wine is also a huge opportunity for the companies for investment.

Market Segmentation The global wine market can be segmented into five categories - by taste, by wine style, by color, by body type, and by geography. In the taste type, wine can be classified into dry, medium, and sweet wine. The market is further segmented by body type into light, medium and heavy.

Italy, Spain, and France are the countries which account for half of the global wine production.

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North America is the other major region where the USA alone accounts for the highest per capita consumption of wine. The US is the largest wine producer in North America. In the South American region, Argentina and Chile are the major producers and consumers of wine. China, Japan, and India are the big markets in this region.

Africa is growing at a slow rate in wine consumption. South Africa is the largest market for wine in Africa.

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Gallo acquired small wineries to extend its market share in the wine market. In JuneGik which is a Spanish company launched a new wine.

Global wine market to 2017

It is because of a huge population-driven demand for wine products in such non-traditional wine consumption countries; all big brewers are growing their business in such regions. The market is fragmented because of the presence of several local and international vendors, a few players hold major shares.

Wine vendors mainly compete on the basis of the portfolio, product differentiation, and pricing and are now concentrating on expanding their business in the market by setting up new manufacturing plants and introducing new products. Companies are making acquisitions in order to improve their positions with the wholesalers and to gain entry into the new markets.

Customization of the Report Volume of Global Wine Market Consumer behavior analysis in country level This report can be customized to meet your requirements. Please connect with our analyst, who will ensure you get a report that suits your needs.This statistic shows the volume of global wine consumption from to In , the wine consumption worldwide was estimated to amount to million hectoliters, up from million.

Global wine market to 2017

This post is a meta-analysis of the effects of climate change on the global wine industry originally published in the magazine SOMM Journal. The latest figures on the world wine market confirm that the industry is undergoing considerable change, with European countries finding their positions and strategies challenged by the US and China.

Ciatti Global Market Report June 2 May was a very active month on the bulk wine market in Chile with international buyers aggressively pushing for samples of. The Version global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for April, was + deg. C, up from the March, value of + deg.

C (click for full size version). The United States produced over million gallons of wine in , nearly 12 percent of the global wine production country's wine production is mainly concentrated in the sun-bathed.

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