How chapter 49 of great expectations fits into the overall scheme of the text essay

But I alighted at the Halfway House, and breakfasted there, and walked the rest of the distance; for I sought to get into the town quietly by the unfrequented ways, and to leave it in the same manner. The best light of the day was gone when I passed along the quiet echoing courts behind the High Street.

How chapter 49 of great expectations fits into the overall scheme of the text essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. In addition I will also describe how this chapter helps readers to understand two important themes of this novel: Chapter forty-nine is a crucial point in the development of the plot.

At this point, Pip visits miss Havesham who feels guilty for having caused Estella to break his heart. This chapter shows how much their relationship has changed through out the story, and in showing this, Dickens is commenting on how class distinction can be distorted and in particular, how a true gentleman should behave.

Dickens was distraught by this and haunted for life by status and class. This was shown by dickens by setting the novel in the Victorian period when dickens was a small child. Throughout the novel Dickens focuses on many different male characters from all different social classes.

In Pip, we see a young orphaned boy whop tries to better him self and receive a high status in life. This voyage is essentially about Pip learning about the true concept of what a gentleman is meant to be.

How chapter 49 of great expectations fits into the overall scheme of the text essay

The reason dickens has used this theme is because it is from his past experiences, but also reflects Victorian curiosity in trying to classify what it meant to be a true gentleman. Pip has a role model to look up for gentleman qualities; the role model is compassionate and considerate and respects everyone around him regardless of their status or wealth.

How chapter 49 of great expectations fits into the overall scheme of the text essay

Joe, whose trade is a blacksmith is pips uncle and raises him as one of his own, Pip apprentices him and follows his gentleman examples. This is shown when Jaggers offers to pay Joe to take pip away to tutor him to become a gentleman, in doing this it leaves Joe devoid of a worker.

This proves that money is not everything to Joe; this is showing gentleman properties to Pip that will follow his examples. By the time of chapter forty nine pip had become a gentleman and is equal in the eyes of what a true gentleman should be, resembling Joe.

By doing this he is showing true gentleman qualities, as this person he was forgiving made him feel inadequate and small at the start of the story. Dickens is starting to finally show pip in his true colours at this point in the novel- a true gentleman. Miss Havesham is not the typical woman of Victorian era in many ways; firstly she lives alone in an immense house with all the clocks stopped.

All the tables remain the same and the cake is infested with rats. By the time of chapter forty-nine Miss Havesham has turned in to an unstable dreary old woman.

She on longer made pip feel inadequate as she realised what she had done with life and how she had bought Estella up to be. Pip releases this and tries to forgive her, as she has grown unstable and very lonely. In this quote pip realises she has found the error of her ways.

By the end of the chapter Miss Havesham has been devoured by her motives for revenge and has turned into a pathetic and sad lonely old woman wanting compassion and love. In this chapter I believe that dickens is suggesting that woman cannot keep control of property or live alone without a male figure in control.

Dickens is trying to say woman cannot live without a man in charge or in control, which was the view of Victorian society. Some critics of Dickens have argued that his female characters are one-dimensional, either sweet and innocent, or bad and evil. I believe that Miss Havesham is multi layered and we have seen many sides of her.

One side is bitter and is swelled with revenge however the other is desperate for love and compassion. Dickens uses a writing style that is very recognisable, his writing has a big effect on the reader in many ways mostly is gives impact.

What have I done! When Pip walks to Satis house he remembers things from his childhood they may indicate something bad is about to happen for instance he mentions the bells sounding like funeral music. Here again imagery has been used to make the reader believe that something is going to happen and make them read on.

To conclude, I have explored how Dickens depicts the themes of a Victorian gentlemen and the role of women in contempery Victorian society in detail. Also I have explains some of Dickens styles of writing and how he uses them to keep the reader engaged and questioning the moral question he states; what defines a true gentleman.

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