Retail management

Responsibilities of a store manager include: Overall care of staff and their well being Presentation of store and advertising displays Recruiting, performance management, and workplace scheduling Product management, including ordering, receiving, price changes, handling damaged products, and returns Team Development, facilitating staff learning training, and development Problem solving, handling unusual circumstances To understand the customer service principles To handle problems and questions to customers Basic Computer applications in stores management and materials control Sales generation[ edit ] A store manager must meet the monthly, quarterly, or annual sales goals, depending on the company's fiscal cycle. This involves setting individual sales goals quotasholding contests for employees, or offering sales promotions.

Retail management

Metrics Purely organic, highly accurate and extremely guarded Store managers and head office face a multitude of challenges from loss prevention to customer satisfaction, compliance and staff productivity.

RTF understands these obstacles and has developed an Enterprise solution to address retail hurdles with the introduction of SmartCircle Metrics. Store specific SmartCircle collects interactions from all displayed devices and clearly outlines trends at the Metrics Enterprise Portal.

Brand specific Quickly identify how your branding strategies fit across your stores and see what is trending at any moment. Capture data on both operational and non-operational devices, device battery levels, and device activity per hour of the day and day of the week.

Loss Prevention Heighten operational intelligence at both the store and head office levels. Metrics collected include alarm occurrences in stores, alarm triggers, and alarm patterns to preemptively prevent theft.

Display Information Identify operational issues in the store and and quickly resolve. Guaranteed Planogram SmartCircle quickly verifies Planogram compliance throughout all stores.

Battery and power management Successfully manage Display uptime and resolve potential charging issues before they escalate. Take control back Push configuration changes to the Display and Pull valuable data to ensure smooth operational flow.

Application safeguard Restrict access to Display settings to ensure passwords are not set and languages changed.

 · 1 I. Fundamentals of Retail Management II. Curriculum Overview The main objective for the curriculum is to provide the learner with an overview of the retail industry, concepts and processes and an opportunity to understand the areas Changing of Retailing Nature Retailers are changing their business formats, store designs, modes of communication with customers and ways of handling commercial dealings. • Modern retailers are adapting new technology for marketing, retail operations, and business User name or password error User ID; Password; verify code; modify password obtain password obtain

Security Enhance hardware security through alarm triggers such as power removal, headphone or SIM card removal. Capture photos at theft, send emails plus geo-locate the Display. Lock screen The Display alarms sending out alerts to the Manager while locking the Display.

Retail management

To preempt shoplifting lock the Display remotely and deter theft. Tap on the notification to see the fixture location and resolve the issue quickly. Add to any Anti-theft System Adds an additional layer of security on to existing mechanical and electronic loss prevention systems.

SmartCircle manages Smartphone and Tablet devices to promote your latest marketing campaigns or publishes a digital price tag.

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Silent salesmen or self assist features increase activations. Real time, Smart Planograms Ensure compliance and view live Planograms across all your stores.

See when the Display was merchandised and proactively locate misplaced Displays. Log in to the Metrics Enterprise Portal to add your next Planogram campaign and distribute to 1 or stores. Interact with your customers right on the live Display Organically collect customer information and make better, strategic decisions.Take Your Retail Business to the Next Level.

For independent retailers, Epicor offers the most comprehensive, scalable, and proven POS and retail business management solutions on the market, backed by over 40 years of retail and technology experience and the industry’s largest support  · brand management in Multinational Retail Enterprises (MNREs) Understand the differences in macro-market environment such as culture, politics, and economy between U.S.

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market and the transitional economy of China and its implications for marketing strategy development of 4 Retail Marketing. RETAIL MANAGEMENT CAREERS Are you interested in a retail career, but not sure how to get started?

TJX offers Retail Management positions that will enable you to acquire the skills to grow a career in retail operations and retail  · Vend is a cloud-based point-of-sale and retail management platform for brick and mortar retailers. Merchants use Vend to sell, measure, manage and grow their business.

Accept payments, track customers, manage inventory, provide loyalty incentives and Retail management courses of this type can often be completed at a student's own pace. One might also find structured online business degrees that focus on retail management.

These are taken over the course of several years, much like other degree programs, and feature classes going into detail on finance and the global supply ChainDrive Retail Management System is a fully integrated end-to-end ERP and Omnichannel software by Multidev Technologies Inc.

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