Writing a modern day fairy tale

Who could resist a story with a winning hero, a dastardly villain, and everything turning out for the best at the end? But fairy tales are more than simple stories with pat conclusions.

Writing a modern day fairy tale

Objectives explore fables of modern times and Aesop's ancient fables. Keywords fable, Aesop, writing, critical thinking Materials Needed selected Aesop fables indicated below paper and pencils Lesson Plan Provide a copy of or project on a screen the story of the boy and the fence.

Give students an opportunity to read the story, or read it aloud to them. When the reading is completed, ask students to think critically and to write a sentence or two to describe the moral, or lesson, of the story.

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Next, pair each student with another. Ask students to share their sentences about the moral of the story with their partners. Then discuss the moral of the story as a class. Explain to students that the story they just read was a modern-day lesson story, or fable.

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Fables have been a storytelling staple since ancient times when a well-known storyteller called Aesop recorded many fables. As a matter of fact, many of Aesop's stories will be familiar to students today. Share a handful of Aesop's stories with students. You might choose from the list of fables below.

Do not share the moral that appears at the end of each story. After reading each story, let student pairs talk about the moral, or lesson, that they think the story was meant to teach.

Students will see that many of the stories can teach more than one lesson. Fables Sutiable for Younger Students.Many modern fairy tales are re-makes of classics such as “Cinderella” or “Little Red Riding Hood,” but if you’re imaginative and follow these simple rules of writing a fairy tale, then your story may be mentioned with one of the classics one day.

Learn how to write a fairy tale retelling that's compelling and fresh! If you’ve always wanted to try writing a fairy tale retelling, now is a great time to give it a shot! It’s set in modern day and barely follows the original story line.

(This isn’t a bad thing!

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Fairy Tales! Read them every day! Oh what fun it is to hear How Goldilocks got away! Bits and Pieces writing a tale based on a collection of objects which trigger brainstorming Read a Fairy Tale - There are tons of fairy tales to choose to read in the center.

Also, there are a variety of pop-up fairy tale books. Plus, Grim Lovelies is set in modern-day Paris, and it was delightfully fun to write about a contemporary setting and modern (though magical) kids who like fast cars, chic fashion, and current tech.".

Most kids are familiar with the fairytale stories of Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rumpelstiltskin, and Cinderella.

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Usually written for children, fairy tales tell about the adventures of imaginary beings in faraway lands. This activity will help you teach your kids how to write a fairy tale.

writing a modern day fairy tale

What Is a Fairy Tale? The stories that we heard as small children, were usually folktales and fairy stories. Tales that our parents and their parents heard when they were young, passed down through the generations. Folktales were stories of hopes and dreams, of encounters with giants; wicked witches and goblins that inflict harm.

writing a modern day fairy tale
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